About us

About us

Our vision and values


Provide calibrations, services and consultations to add value to our customers and support them in realizing their goals, and we enjoy working together.


Our customer our master

We realize that the purpose of our work is to help our customers. That is why we put emphasis on the joint search for solutions to customer problems. Friendliness, decency, willingness and quality of provided services are the basic principles of our cooperation. We want our customers to come back and recommend us.

Ethics and quality

Etika, lidská slušnost jsou základem naší spolupráce uvnitř i navenek. Při své práci se řídíme platnými zákony a předpisy. Neděláme kompromisy v kvalitě ani v plnění požadavků legislativy. Na druhou stranu působíme na příslušné orgány s cílem snižování byrokracie a odbourávání zbytečných postupů a nařízení.

We do what makes sense

In our work we follow the common sense. We do activities that have both meaning and meaning for the customer and for us. With complex bureaucratic systems, we are looking for ways to adjust them to serve all of us and not burden us.

We do the best we can

Each of us brings the highest quality to our work, we make mistakes, but we look for their causes and learn from them. We use modern technology and look for new ways of working and providing services.