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Software solutions

We bring you useful software solutions for solving problems of metrology and services in the field of service and management of meters.

We offer:

logo aplikace ScalesNet-M
  • Do you calibrate weights?
  • Do you need to have your laboratory under control?
  • Are you audited and adhere to quality management systems?

ScalesNet – M is a complete software solution for the calibration laboratory. The system we offer belongs to the world's top and covers the issues of Customer Management, Processing and Archiving of Calibration Sheets, as well as complete management of standards and comparators, including their history and calibrations. The system allows direct connection of all known comparators of world brands METTLER TOLEDO, SARTORIUS,…, but also solutions such as RADWAG…. The possibility of system validation and use for accredited calibration laboratories is a matter of course.

PROSERVIS – Instant teams

logo aplikace Instant teams
  • Do you service meters and instruments?
  • Are you interested in their service history?
  • Do you need to plan calibrations, verifications, maintenance and inspections?
  • Do you have a team of technicians and want to use it effectively?

If you are interested in any of these questions, our system will solve the whole issue for you at a very reasonable cost. You can run the system on your server, but our solution also enables a cloud solution, which will allow you professional functionality, always up-to-date software and access to your data without costly IT.

We prepare:

Professional Cloud for Metrology Management

  • Do you run meters and need to keep them under control?
  • Do you want audits to be a pleasant diversion for you?
  • Do you plan verification, calibration, maintenance?
  • Do you do qualifications and validations?
  • Don't know where to jump first?

Our professional records of all types of meters allow you a perfect overview of your meters, provide you with information about their status, stores all important documents, facilitates accreditation and monitors the intervals of calibration, verification and maintenance, allows you to order the necessary services directly from the application and much more.

The application is a cloud solution that you can access from anywhere on your mobile device. You don't need any expensive hardware or data storage.